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Steps to grow a small business


·         Identify clear direction of the firm

·         Document personal and business goals

·         Ensure the returns from the business are both financial and non financial

·         Ensure the business is feasible before you start

·         Do preparation prior to business startup

·         Identify people that will be important for your success and develop the relationship e.g.

·         Mentors

·         Multipliers

·         Suppliers

·         Confidence builders

·         Ensure you have access to adequate finance

·         Look to long term relationship with clients

·         Job descriptions

·         Allocate time to

·         Plan (your day, your week, your year, your life)

·         Implement systems and precedence in place

·         Build your networks

·         Follow up clients

·         Build your image/profile

·         Must keep budgets and review at least monthly

·         Develop a plan to maintain and develop your number 1 asset – you

·         Read and apply “The Seven Action Steps to Growing Returns in Owner Operated Businesses”

Θ Example Action Plan Θ Business Hurdles




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