Mindbiz is dedicated to increasing business performance by tapping into the power of the brain. Mindbiz can help you reach your full potential as a business operator and as a person.  Mindbiz employs a holistic approach that will enable you to massively increase the returns you receive from your business.  This holistic approach combines a deep understanding of both the human mind and business success strategies. 


Tapping into the power of your Mind to increase your business returns 


We each have a map (called an Internal Representation) of the world as described using our five senses (pictures, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes).  Our map is not the real world because there is too much happening in the world to process it all.  So we use a number of filters to generalise, delete and distort information so that we can understand it.  These filters include our memories, values and beliefs, attitudes and decisions we have made.  As well it is influenced by our hardwiring (metaprograms), the language we use, as well as time and space.


The internal representation (map) we create then creates our state and ultimately directs our actions.  As we learn to influence this internal representation we learn to influence our actions and so our destiny.


NLP is a powerful tool in helping you achieve your destiny.


Brent Gregory is a master practitioner of NLP and an internationally accredited trainer.  As well he is a Chartered Accountant who has devoted his professional life to developing owner operated businesses.  He truly knows the power of holism in operating a small business and he can help you tap into your skills to get the most returns out of your small business.

















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