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How to increase the power of your memory


The key things you need to know about increasing the power of your memory is:

·    The hardest thing about improving your memory skills is deciding you will do it

·    Better memory is about changing behavior

·    All information enters short term memory but only gets indexed to long term memory if rehearsed immediately.

·    Registering new facts depends upon strong encoding

·    Strong encoding achieved by strong associations:







Technique for Improving Memory

1     immediate rehearsal

2     test 5 minutes later

3     a review after 1 hour

4     short review after overnight rest - sleep reinforces memory

5     review after 1 week

6     review after 1 month


Memory is about state of mind and learning is also about state of mind.

Attitude to learning

State of receptiveness depends upon your state of mind as measured by the length of your brain waves.


·       Beta                26            normal

·       Alpha               13            recharge batteries. Yoga/meditation

·       Theta               7             dreaming

·       Delta                4             deep sleep


The length of your brain waves can be influenced by your attitude and practices you undertake:

                Listing to music



                Setting up appropriate anchors

                Entering the learning state


Excellent memory is about

Organisation inside & out

Having a reason to remember

Creating strong associations (images etc)

Using all your representation systems

       sights  (Visual)

                sounds (Auditory)

                feelings (Kinesthetic)

                tastes (Gustatory)

                smells (Ofactory)

Using visualization techniques



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