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How to Improve your Memory

Most of us from time to time wish to improve our memory.  The magic of memory is that the more we use it the better it gets.  So what can we do to improve our memory? 


Step 1 Make the commitment to improve your memory!


Step 2  Think positively about your improved memory.  Continually focus on the positives.  Consider using self hypnosis techniques to help with your attitude and your memory recall.


Step 3 Look after your health, get plenty of time out, exercise and maintain a healthy diet.  If your memory is impacted by a stressful lifestyle, then break the stress cycle


Step 4 Develop Memory Techniques


Step 5 Practice the memory techniques you have identified at every chance you get


Step 6 Provide opportunities to be rewarded for a better memory, improve your ability to learn, set memory goals, play memory games, use things you have remembered in conversations


Step 7 Celebrate your memory successes so that you will continue to receive a reward for a great memory


Step 8 Teach your family and friends how to remember better


Step 9 Download the memory checklist to remind you of your commitment to improving your memory


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