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Music Treasure Chest


Enjoy your music and develop your musical skills. 

Obtain free music downloads.

Your Own Song/A Song about Your Business

Do you want a song written just for you or someone special to you?

Take this incredible opportunity to have a song written for your business.


Your own business Music

Play some examples to see what you think

Busifunness Music

Growth Plan Music


The Power of Music

"Whoever has skill in music is of good temperament and fitted for all things..."

Martin Luther


Music is:

  • mathematical 

  • a foreign language

  • history  

  • physical education 

  • perfect to develop insight

  • art

  • a part of living  

  • fun  

  • creative and advances learning ability

  • builds self confidence

  • a form of beauty

  • has lifetime value

  • enhances social development


Let Music improve your academic performance!

Regardless of socioeconomic background, music-making students get higher marks in standardised tests.  UCLA Professor, Dr James Catterall, led an analysis of a US Department of Education database. The database was tracked more than 25,000 students over a period of ten years.


Fantastic download opportunity.  How to obtain unlimited music downloads for just 97C per month.

Music is Physical

  • Music assists coordination of mind and muscle

  • Music assists improved hand eye coordination

  • Music Develops fine motor skills

Music is Mental

  • Music encourages creativity

  • Music enhances concentration and focus

  • Music uses left and right brain

  • Music arouses intellectual stimulation

  • Music creates self control

Music is Emotional


Music enhances:

  • aesthetic appreciation

  • emotional expression

  • self confidence

  • feelings of accomplishment

  • spiritual experience

Music is Social

  • Music involves shared activity and communication

  • Music involves performing for an audience

  • Music is an international language

Music assists organisational Skills

  • Music enhances how to organize tasks

  • Music time management

 Music enhances these qualities for you and for your family

Music enhances:

  • problem solving

  • teamwork

  • goal setting

  • your fun

  • self expression

  • coordination

  • memory skills

  • self-confidence and esteem

  • concentration

  • poise

  • a sense of pride and accomplishment is a low cost subscription service that helps music lovers sort out how to download music  from the Internet legally and safely. A subscription grants you immediate access to reviews, tutorials, tips and experts’ secrets on using and enjoying free Peer-to-Peer Software.


A must if you use (or want to know more about) P2P for music, games or movies, the site provides a handy and complete resource guide for the online music lover. In addition to prompt e-mail tech help, subscribers also get instant access to thousands of new artists songs compiled by in house music geeks scouring the Internet daily to bring you the latest breaking artists before they go mainstream. Less than $1 month can make finding and enjoying music on the Internet easy and fun. Join Today, Start Downloading NOW!.

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Music Types


Music Lyrics 





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