Business Start Up Calculator


This business start up calculator can help you test the reasonableness of your proposed business and it then provides a great starting point for your budgeting.  The business start up calculator not a substitute for professional advice based on a full understanding of you, your business ideal and your market place.  If you would like personalised advice you can talk with us about getting business start up help.

 The business start up calculator can enhance your understanding of the basics of business success.  This page also provides links to other useful resources related to starting and operating your business.

There are two separate calculators.  One for a retail business (ie you are selling a product for a mark up) or two for a service business (and you will be charging for your time either directly or indirectly)


Key Business Start up Questions

What Profit do you desire ( $ per annum):

Gross Profit Margin (Expressed as %):

Expenses ($ per annum):


Business Operating Hours


How many hours per day will you operate:

How many days per week will you operate:

how many weeks per year will you operate:

How many days per year will you be closed (eg public holidays):

What % of your time will you do chargeable work:


Customers of the Business


How many customers do you aim to have:

How many times per year will you service each customer: