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"The thing to do with the future is not to forecast it but to create it. The object of planning is to design your desirable future and invent ways to bring it about."

 Russell Ackoff


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Do you want to be doing something you're not doing now? There are usually two reasons why this would be so - you have many other things that have to be done first and you don't have the financial resources needed.

These are quite often the same reason. You don't have the financial resources because there are many other things that have to be done to keep things the same, let alone improve them. Working on improving your financial position takes a reorganisation and revaluation of the tasks you are currently doing to create the time needed to focus on higher level tasks.

Taking control of your life comes down to task planning and delegation. The first step to realising your dreams is reorganising what you do by delegating what you can to others inside or outside your organisation, dumping tasks that aren't taking you forward and prioritising what is left. These are the same steps that will develop your leadership skills and potential by giving you the opportunity to concentrate on the big picture which involves more of the allocation and organisation of resources and less on the completion of day-to-day tasks.

This program assists you to create time that can be used to take control of your future. It does this by looking at how you spend your time and suggesting alternatives that involve less. In the process you can soak up excess capacity within your business, remove low value time wasters and develop your leadership skills. If you are not really sure what your future will be then perhaps you would benefit from undertaking a goal setting exercise. For more information click here.

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  • Want to create time for achieving the goals they have set.

  • Want to develop their leadership skills

  • Want to improve their delegation skills

  • Want to make there businesses more efficient

  • Are in the growth stage of a business and need to get the growth pressures under control

  • Are caught in the activity trap and are being overrun by work

  • Are seeking to create their future

  • See the need to restructure their staffing

  • Are looking for time management assistance

  • Deciding whether or not there are sufficient tasks that could be given to a new employee


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  • Various methods are provided for creating a complete list of tasks you perform

  • A list is then created of people who can be delegated to and new positions that could be created

  • New options are then provided for the completion of each task

  • Reports are provided to assist with the implementation of the new task regime.




Growth Plan does not possess a thorough working knowledge of your business, or of the environment in which you operate.  As a result Growth Plan can make no representations or warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of the information provided in this workbook or on its capability to achieve any purpose.

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