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Bring Changes to your Life with Visualization


Visualization is a powerful tool for bringing about change in your life.  Visualization is used for improved results in sport, health, career, learning and other areas of your life.  There is a strong relationship between visualization and performance.


Visualization in sport has a number of key roles. Sports visualisation is important in goal setting and in competition day preparation.  In some sports it also has a vital role in perfecting technical aspects.


Visualization also has a wide range of applications in health.  These roles can range from weight loss to habit changing to developing relaxation techniques.  Visualization can also be a useful tool in treatment of disease and overall health and wellbeing.  A person may visualize a perfectly healthy body.  They could come to understand their blueprint for perfect health and visualize that.  Visualization techniques may be used to visualize the body repairing itself.


As the role of stress in disease becomes clearer so to does the role of visualization in health.


Advancing your career can be helped with visualization and other goal setting tools.  This may involve determining what direction you wish your career to take and visualizing an important milestone.  It may also be a tool for overcoming a difficult situation.  For instance if you had a challenging situation approaching and you were worried that you may get nerves or under perform for some other reason visualization can be helpful.  For instance you could visualize the event and notice yourself performing well.  You could even replay the event a few times to improve what you do.  When time for the event comes your unconscious mind will now that it has already had some degree of success with this event and so your comfort factor and performance level should be much higher.


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