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Action Plan for Weight Loss.

According to Buddha “there are many paths to enlightenment”.  The same may be said of weight loss.  Here is one possible path to weight loss.  You can adopt this weight loss plan in full or part, or use it to develop your own.



Make the decision to lose weight

Determine your weight loss target

What is your approximate ideal weight according to the BMI scale? Enter your height and weight and the BMI Calculator can calculates if you are in the ideal weight range.

Set and document your weight loss goal

Set a target weight and target date.  Use the principles of successful goal setting to help you identify, document and achieve your weight loss goal.

Seek professional help if appropriate before you get into any areas that are radically different from what you are currently doing.


Understand the principles of weight loss

  Simplistically, you need to either burn more Kilojoules or consume less Kilojoules.  The long term weight loss guide has a brilliant description of this process.  I recommend you visit the page, enter the data related to you and then when you read the information. This information guides you to what you need to do to lose weight.  It is a simple overview and it will really help you understand the basic principles involved in weight loss.  So if you believe you will be helped in your weight loss program by better understanding how various factors will impact on you than visit the long term weight loss guide

Burn up more calories

Use visualization to turn up your metabolic rate.

Build up more muscle.  As you build more muscle, you may in fact become a bit heavier because muscle is heavier than fat.  While you will become heavier your general sense of well being and appearance will improve.  Having a higher proportion of muscle also means your metabolic rate is higher and as such you will burn up more kilojoules (calories) every minute of the day.

Exercise more.  Exercise can burn up the kilojoules quite quickly.  There is an excellent website that provides an understandable explanation of the impact of exercise on weight loss.  This website will explain your different training zones and how your quite gentle exercise can be highly beneficial for burning up kilojoules.  Enter your data and find out how long you will have to exercise in your fat burning zone to burn up one kilojoule. 

Consume less calories

Adopt a habit of healthy eating.  This may lead you to:

  • Eat less

  • Eat more appropriate foods.  You may even find that you can eat more, but just change the foods you are eating and in fact find that you are consuming less kilojoules.  For instance, the kilojoules in vegetables is about one tenth of the kilojoules of sweets and one fifth the kilojoules of bread.  About halfway down the weight loss webpage is a calorie counter.  You can enter how much of each type of food you eat to obtain an idea of your total daily kilojoule (calorie) intake.